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The Highland Chocolatier

High quality, luxurious chocolate is a real treat, and The Highland Chocolatier creates exactly that. Whether you have a sweet tooth or just enjoy the occasional moment of delicious chocolate, The Highland Chocolatier has something you are sure to love. Here at Falls of Dochart Smokehouse, we stock a range of their products, and they are extremely popular among both locals and visitors.

Who Is The Highland Chocolatier?

The mastermind behind The Highland Chocolatier is Iain Burnett, an award-winning artisan chocolatier. He underwent training with Master Chocolatiers at Belgian, French and Swiss schools and has won awards for his scrumptious creations.

He spent three years creating his unique truffle, the Velvet Truffle, which is made using only fresh and natural ingredients. At The Highland Chocolatier, Iain works alongside his dedicated team who have been trained in house to handcraft the delicious chocolates.

All the truffles and chocolates from their range are created using a uniquely flavoured single-origin cocoa which comes from the island South Atlantic island of Sao Tome.

The Highland Chocolatier Products

Iain takes pride in every chocolate his team produces, and each product is intricately decorated and presented in lush gold and red boxes. At the Falls of Dochart Smokehouse, some of our favourite products are;

12 Velvet Truffles:
The famous truffle created by Iain Burnett, served naked as pure, delicious ganache. These truffles have been created from single-origin chocolate and local fresh Scottish cream, with no artificial additives or flavours. Every box is beautifully presented with a tied ribbon and has been sealed in golden foil to keep the truffles fresh.

Gift Tin Of Brazil Nuts:
Perfect as a present or just to treat yourself during your visit to the Falls of Dochart Smokehouse. Premium whole brazil nuts are carefully rolled in milk chocolate and dark chocolate and presented in a decorative tin.

Want to discover this delicious range for yourself? Browse our online shop and create your order of treats, all available for delivery.