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Artisan Producer Spotlight – Glenturret Whisky

Scottish whisky has a rich history, and there are many reasons why the delicious tipple we produce in this country is so popular. Glenturret is one of the 109 distilleries in Scotland that create this delicious spirit, and their whiskies are some of the best around.

Here at Falls of Dochart Smokehouse, we are proud to stock traditional Scotch Whisky from Glenturret Distillery. We’re sharing the story of Glenturret and its fantastic whisky range so that you can get an insight into the magic.

About Glenturret Distillery

Located on the banks of the River Turret, Glenturret Distillery is just 25 miles from Falls of Dochart Smokehouse in Perthshire. The distillery itself sits in a beautifully secluded location and is hidden within the glen.

The distillery was used as a site for illicit bothy stills, and the high hills that surround it where lookout spots for the smugglers. The distillery we know today was established in 1775, although was previously controlled by illicit distillers since 1717. It is claimed that Glenturret distillery is the oldest in Scotland, although a few other establishments contest this claim!

About Glenturret Whisky

No matter the distilleries age or history, one thing is for sure, their whisky is divine. The water supply used comes directly from Loch Turret which originates from Ben Chonzie. It is the purity and quality of this water that creates the delicious Glenturret Whisky flavour.

The distillery offers a large range of Scotch whiskies which vary in maturity and flavour. Some of our favourites are;
- Glenturret Peated Whisky: This peated whisky is from their core range which was released in 2015. The flavours are rich, sweet and smoky and is a rare example of a smoky drink from Glenturret.
- Glenturret 10 Year Old: This is Glenturret’s standard bottling and replaced their old 12 whisky. It boasts a deliciously fruity and rich character.
- Glenturret Triple Wood: Another bottle from their 2015 range, this Triple Wood is delightful. The whisky has been aged in three different cask types; European oak sherry, American oak sherry and American oak bourbon.