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Crispy Fried Egg with Smoked Salmon


For a lovely Boxing Day brunch, you cannot beat a Crispy Fried Egg with Smoked Salmon on a fresh slice of Sourdough bread or dark multi-seeded loaf…



Step 1

First, make your crispy fried egg. There are many different ways to make a crispy fried egg. Our preferred method is to fry the egg as normal but in a bit of butter and at a slightly higher temperature for a little longer than normal. You want to fry the egg until the edges get brown and a bit of white is coming through the top of the yoke. Using butter instead of oil might also prevent the splutters that come with frying in oil.

Step 2

While the egg is frying, slice and butter the sourdough bread and add a slice of our smoked salmon on top.

Step 3

Add the egg on top of the salmon and add salt and pepper to taste. Little or no salt can be adequate because of the saltiness of the smoked salmon.

Add the garnish and serve immediately.

A beautiful beginning to your Boxing Day!