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A delicious recipe for smoked salmon wraps.


Serves two


- 315g Hot or Cold Falls of Dochart Smokehouse Whisky Smoked Salmon
- Tortilla wraps
- 1 medium carrot shredded
- 1 spring onion chopped
- 1 medium cucumber chopped
- 1 cup of fresh spinach leaves or lettuce
- 2 tbsp Mayonnaise or 2tbs cream cheese
- 1tbsp black pepper
- Half lemon


In a large bowl, mix shredded carrot, chopped spring onion, chopped cucumber and fresh spinach leaves. Feel free to add more! Squeeze lemon juice on top of the salad and season with black pepper.

Lay out your tortilla wraps and spread mayonnaise over each. If you are using cold smoked salmon for the filling, cream cheese with cold smoked salmon is particularly delicious. Divide the salad filling onto the middle of each wrap then top the salad with your hot or cold whisky smoked salmon.

Finally, fold your wrap and enjoy!

Salmon has lots of great benefits - it's an excellent source of protein, it’s loaded with essential vitamins